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Currently, I am a Computer Science PhD student at the University of Michigan advised by Dr. Jenna Wiens. I am supported by the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. In Spring 2022, I received my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa!

I began work in machine learning (ML) at the John A. Burns School of Medicine in 2019 where I worked on using ML for cancer detection. Later in 2020, I joined the Sadowski Lab at UH Manoa's ICS department where I worked on using deep learning for the natural sciences including applications to biology, physics, and solar astronomy. From 2020-2022, I was supported by internships from the NASA Space Grant Consortium and REUs from UH Manoa's Institute for Astronomy and Computer Science department. During this time, I was also employed as a consultant for the Karamperidou lab, where I used deep learning for atmospheric sciences.


2022 - present

University of Michigan

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, CSE PhD Student

2018 - 2022

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Department of Information and Computer Sciences; Department of Mathematics,

B.S Computer Science and Mathematics

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards

  • DOE CSGF Fellowship (2022-2026)

  • UHM IfA REU (2021)

  • NASA Space Grant (2021)

  • CASAA Annual Scholarship (2021)

  • NASA Space Grant (2020)

  • UHM UROP (2019)

  • UHM Chancellor Award (2018-2022)

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